Business Entity Types

Business Entity Type Documentation Required
Sole Proprietor – No employees Sole Proprietor Exclusion Form
Sole Proprietor, does not employ three or more people at one time or employs only two with neither working 35 or more hours per week for 13 (or more) weeks during the last year Sole Proprietor Exclusion Form with wage an hour records attached
Sole Proprietor, only employees are immediate family; i.e., spouse, child or parent of sole proprietor Copy of Bureau Certificate of Exemption (form BWC337)
Partnership, if all employees are partners Copy of certificate of insurance showing Workers’ Compensation Coverage
Stock Corporation, if all employees are corporate officers and own 10% or more stock in corporation
Limited Liability Company if all the employees are members and are also managers and own 10% or more interest in the business
Sole Proprietor, three or more employees
All other business entities