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Stress Reduction Resources

    Use the below list as a quick start to learning how to relax when you need it most   A list of quick stress reducers Meditation Apps for Android & iPhone Yoga for beginners Tai Chi Deep breathing   Not currently an MBWCF […]

Don’t Let Ice Sneak Up On You

Are you prepared for snow and ice? It has been a mild winter throughout the state this winter, but more snow and cold weather are on the way. Great for winter sports, not great for walking. Slip and falls have a way of sneaking up on us. Remember to keep […]

It’s Time For A Break

An article from MBWCF Partner LifeWorks When You or Your Children Are Upset by News Reports Media coverage of a violent crime, natural disaster, war, act of terrorism, or other disturbing event provides us with vital and helpful information. News reports can keep us informed about what is happening and […]

How Safe is Your Holiday?

The holiday season is upon us! If you need good examples of what NOT to do, please watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This time of year brings with it many emotions for many different reasons and all the stresses that go along with it. The time of year when work […]

Is There a Safe Way to Fall?

There are many reasons why we fall. Every day somebody somewhere is taking a spill. Falls can cause major breaks and take many months of physical therapy to recover from. So how can we prevent falls? All falls cannot be prevented but there is a safer way to fall. # […]

A Little Ice, A Big Hazard

Winter brings many hazards that you need to prepare for. Slips and falls are our most common injuries. Snow and ice removal keep walkways and parking lots safe. Remove snow quickly after snowfalls, and salt regularly to keep ice from building up. Make sure eaves are properly installed, and check that downspouts […]

10 Items You Should Have in Your Car This Winter

Having the following items in your vehicle emergency kit will help keep you safe, warm, and on the road this winter. Jumper Cables – This item you should have in your car no matter the season. If you need to jump a battery remember to connect positive cables first, second […]

You’ve Got The Right Stuff

Here’s a throwback to when I was 8 and every time I see “Right Stuff” this is the song that pops into mind.   You’ve got to have the right stuff for ice and snow season and that means finding practical ways to wear protective footwear. It can not be […]

We’ve Only Just Begun

Just as Karen Carpenter sings “We’ve only just begun…” The snow has begun to fall.  Marquette hit a new record. The Oct. 25 daily snowfall total, which was previously set with 3.1 inches of snow back in 1976. Marquette blew past that in a big way on Sunday, recording 8.3 […]

MIOSHA Issues FAQ Clarifying Parts of Emergency Guidance

Moments ago, Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) released an FAQ clarifying some of the top questions from employers in relation to their recent emergency guidance. The link to the FAQ’s can be found below which addresses various issues including important clarifications about work from home policies and “work […]