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How Do You Know? Don’t Let Stigma Stop the Conversation

Discussions about mental health, its challenges, and its importance are more prevalent than ever. Yet, despite that, the stigma surrounding the issue remains. That’s likely because looking at such a personal topic head-on is hard. But while it may seem more comfortable to keep a “stiff upper lip” and sweep the issue of mental health under the metaphorical rug, ignoring a problem has rarely, if ever, solved it.

As you may know, about 75% of employees have had an experience that impacted their mental health. Yet, 8 out of 10 workers with a mental health condition say shame, stigma and worries about retaliation or job loss prevent them from seeking mental health care.

In an effort to break the stigma, Everyday Health created Mental Health Stigma: It’s Time to Start Listening and Stop Judging, which includes:

  • The types of mental health stigmas and their consequences
  • Information on how mental health discrimination affects personal lives, workplaces and schools
  • Expert tips on how professionals and employers can play a role in reducing mental health stigma