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  • The latest news from the Michigan Council of Self-Insured Group Administrators (MCSIGA) regarding Work Comp […]

  • When to Stop Cruising

    Do you have good driving habits? You might think using cruise control in the rain […]

  • Are You Sleep Deprived?

    In America, 70% of adults report that they obtain insufficient sleep at least one night a month, and 11% report […]

Don’t Press Your Luck

    A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by A bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or A penetrating head injury that disrupts the normal function of the brain.   TBI is a major cause of death and disability in the United States, contributing to about 30% of […]

PTSD Treatment, Who Needs It?

  Post-traumatic stress disorder has become a household term, and this webinar covers how one psychiatrist approaches people who have difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. The session covers topics like the benefits and pitfalls of PTSD treatment, as well as what insurance companies can do when […]

Coping After a Bank Robbery

Ways to Help Employees Cope After a Bank Robbery This article includes ways managers can help employees cope after a bank robbery   Including: First steps Helping employees before the arrival of the crisis counselor Emotional reactions How to respond The importance of taking care of yourself Your EAP can […]

Critical Incident Response Program

Critical Incident Response Program

Ways Managers Can Promote a Safe Workplace

  Communicate a “Safe Workplace” Message Encouraging open communication and providing employees with support and clear guidelines on behavior that promotes a positive, respectful, and safe workplace is part of every manager’s job. Managers play a decisive role in promoting a safe workplace and have a responsibility to actively address […]