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2021 International Overdose Awareness Day

The 2000 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse found that in the U.S. among full-time workers aged 18 – 49, 1 in 13 reported past month illicit drug use. Drug abuse and overdose affect more than just the addicted person. Over 26 percent of employed adults have substance abuse or […]

What Chemicals Are You Using at Work?

Some cleaning chemicals can be hazardous, causing problems ranging from skin rashes and burns to coughing and asthma. You come into contact with chemicals every day. Although some chemical exposures are safe, others are not. For you to become sick, a certain amount of a harmful chemical must enter your […]

When Volunteering Outside Watch Out!

Summertime is in full swing and cleaning out weeds from the flower beds around our own buildings and volunteer work in our community can be hazardous. This could lead to unexpected workers’ compensation claims. Do you know what the common poisonous plants in your area are and what to do […]

Building Blocks of Safety

Be Clear Safety expectations need to be set, communicated to everyone, and integrated into every department of an organization. Responsibility Share the responsibility. The belief that each individual should act responsibly for the good of all fellow employees. Accountability Be held accountable and lead by example. A leader’s behavior influences […]

The latest news from the Michigan Council of Self-Insured Group Administrators (MCSIGA) regarding Work Comp Agency Rule 101620, HB 4753, and HB 4822 Which employers will continue to be required to file a claim for all COVID-19 positive. If you have any questions please contact Natisha Jorae at

When to Stop Cruising

Do you have good driving habits? You might think using cruise control in the rain to keep a steady speed is safe. This is a myth! Using cruise control in any slippery condition can cause your vehicle to hydroplane and spin or skid. There are many reasons for hydroplaning; poorly […]

It’s National Safety Month!

It takes a village, not only to raise a child, but also to keep all employees safe. Take a few minutes to listen to Richard Hawk veteran safety pro and professional speaker offer his entertaining brand of wisdom to inspire safety pros to perform at their best. Richard gives advice […]

Know Where to Go

Do you know the quickest and safest way out of your area in case of emergency? Having a solid plan can help easy panic if an emergency occurs. Make sure to schedule regular training time so that all employees know where to go. Don’t forget this is important onboarding information […]

Do You Practice Safe Driving?

Michigan Bankers are getting back on the road! Do you have specific driving policies to keep your drivers safe? The National Safety Council data analysis shows 8 people per day died from distraction-affected crashes in 2018. 96% of people in the U.S. think texting or emailing while driving is a […]

Buckles, Cracks, Chips = Slip, Trips, Falls

Warm weather is creeping in and everyone is ready to get outside. It’s also the time sidewalks decide to buckle, crack, and chip. A quick break to get some fresh air? A walk for lunch? The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt. Falls account for nearly […]