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Safety with Cleaning Products


Measures for protecting workers from exposure to, and infection with, COVID-19, depend on the type of work being performed and exposure risk, including potential for interaction with people with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and contamination of the work environment.

We are all adapting infection control strategies based on assessment using appropriate combinations of controls, safe work practices, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent exposures. One of these actions is frequent cleaning and sanitizing. Mists, vapors and/or gases from cleaning chemicals can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Symptoms may include burning eyes, sore throat, coughing, trouble breathing and wheezing. Chemicals in some cleaning products can cause asthma or trigger asthma attacks. Some cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals that can enter the body through skin contact or from breathing gases into the lungs. Mixing cleaning products that contain bleach and ammonia can cause severe lung damage or death.

Employers should review the cleaning chemicals they purchase, including green cleaning products, to understand their health and safety hazards.


If an employee comes in contact with a dangerous substance on the job, seek medical treatment immediately. The more information you have, such as recalling what happened in detail and recording the names of others involved, the better it will help you.

This training includes when to use PPE; what PPE is necessary; how to properly don (put on), use, and doff (take off) PPE; how to properly dispose of or disinfect, inspect for damage, and maintain PPE; and the limitations of PPE. Applicable standards include the PPE (29 CFR 1910.132), Eye and Face Protection (29 CFR 1910.133), Hand Protection (29 CFR 1910.138), and Respiratory Protection (29 CFR 1910.134) standards. The OSHA website offers a variety of training videos about respiratory protection.


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