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Frazzled, Heaviness, Exhaustion – WFHB?


Work from home burnout  (WFHB) is a term coined by Nuffield Health. Many managers continue to worry about the productivity of their remote workforce. However, it’s overperformance is what is killing the output of work-from-home teams.

According Martechcube a leading source of marketing technology advice and information, trusted for its quality content and expert guidance, the US increased their average workday by almost 40%, adding an extra 3 hours — the largest jump worldwide.

Watch for these Signs of work from home burnout:

  • Avoiding work – Letting your inbox both email and voicemail fill up and procrastinating.
  • Decline in performance – Late to meetings, more mistakes, passing blame.
  • Apathy – Hard to focus, lack of pride in achievement, less participation in meetings.
  • Unable to disconnect – Working more then your normal business hours, answering calls and messages during personal time, connecting with your work phone as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed.


Here are some tips to help reduce work from home burnout

  • Change up your workspace – Change your work area set up regularly.
  • Have a set schedule – Set a routine and hard stop at 6pm.
  • Go outside – Get out and move, breathe fresh air.
  • Turn it off – Close your work laptop and disconnect from work email when it is time to be done.
  • Wellness – Physical health and mental health work together.
  • Take time off – Time is needed to recharge. Planning this time can give you something to look forward to and that assists in alleviating stress.
  • Have a hobby – A hobby helps you reprioritize and set boundaries for working.
  • Tell your team – If you recognized signs of burnout don’t keep it bottled up and hide it. That will compound the problem. Talk with you team about what you are going through.


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