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10 Items You Should Have in Your Car This Winter


Having the following items in your vehicle emergency kit will help keep you safe, warm, and on the road this winter.

Jumper Cables – This item you should have in your car no matter the season. If you need to jump a battery remember to connect positive cables first, second negative to the working battery, and lastly negative cable to the frame of the other car.

Windshield Scraper – If you live where it snows seasonally you most likely have a scraper in your car. Make sure it’s there before you need it and keeping a small ice scraper in your car is always a good backup.

Compact Snow Shovel – Many times you can get yourself back on the road if you have a way to dig out a stuck tire.

Lantern/Radio – Having a lantern and radio that are crank powered are the most reliable. Newer versions include cellphone charging as well. Keeping a phone charger with an attached cord can be helpful as well.

First Aid Kit with Utility Knife – Another item to have in your car at all times. Remember to check your first aid kit annually to replace any items that are empty or out-of-date.

Ice Melt & Kitty Litter – Ice melt melts ice, kitty litter does not melt ice but is great for extra traction. Also, having a bag or two in your trunk can give you a little extra weight to give your vehicle’s rear tires a better connection with the ground.

Emergency Flares – When weather conditions are bad, or you get stuck at night it’s hard to see you. Electronic emergency road lights are a good way to attract help, signal to rescue workers, as well as warn other traffic that you are stopped.

Hand Warmers – A good staple to have for quick warmth just shake to activate and you have hours of heat you can place in your gloves and boots.

Emergency Blanket – If you have to wait hours for a tow truck or if you have to tough it out overnight a thermal blanket will help keep your body temperature at a safe level. Extra gloves and hats are also a good idea.

Spare Tire – When is the last time you checked the condition of your spare tire? Always be prepared.


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