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It’s a Spooky Time of Year – A Little Ice, A Big Hazard

Winter brings many hazards that you need to prepare for. Slips and falls are our most common injuries. Snow and ice removal keep walkways and parking lots safe. Remove snow quickly after snowfalls, and salt regularly to keep ice from building up.

Make sure eaves are properly installed, and check that downspouts are aimed away from walkways. If eaves leak or downspouts direct water onto walkways, snow that melts in the heat of the day has the potential to freeze and create hazards with cooler nighttime temperatures.

Consider contracting out snow removal work to a company. This can save you the time and costs associated with clearing snow and ice yourself, it is important that you choose the right contractor. Make sure they can be onsite quickly after, or even during, a snowfall to make sure walkways and parking areas are cleared. Also, make sure the company you hire carries the proper insurance, covering both its operations and its employees.

The last thing you want is to end up being liable for a worker’s injury when liability for injury is the very thing you were trying to avoid.

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