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Take Time to Be Quiet


We all do it. We get ready for bed, after a long day, and continue to think of all the things we should have done, could have done, shouldn’t have done, need to do. Or we schedule a break and instead of resting, we work, we make calls, we have that quick meeting, we strive.

There is a season for everything and we all could use some quiet time. Make sure you dedicate at least 5 minutes a day to just be. Whatever time of day is best for you morning, afternoon, night. Quieting your mind does not mean that you are forcing yourself to not have thoughts, it means you let thoughts come and go while just being in the moment.

#1 – Set a timer so you aren’t worried about time getting away from you.

#2 – Get comfortable: sit, lay, stand, whatever you feel is comfortable.

#3 – Find something you enjoy looking at, a piece of art, a lighted candle, or close your eyes, or use an eye mask, and breathe deeply in and out, no counting, just relaxing and quiet.

If you find yourself starting to think of all the racing thoughts and all the things you could be doing, bring yourself back to your object, or the feel and sound of yourself breathing.

Practicing mindfulness can help in later times of severe stress. Your body learns how to react to help regain balance.

MBWCF #FrameofMindFriday