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Do You Practice Safe Driving?

Michigan Bankers are getting back on the road! Do you have specific driving policies to keep your drivers safe?

The National Safety Council data analysis shows 8 people per day died from distraction-affected crashes in 2018.

96% of people in the U.S. think texting or emailing while driving is a serious safety threat, however, 44% read a text or email while driving.

“Drivers think cell phone use is distracting … for other people.”

Most people know when they are visually and/or manually distracted but many people don’t take into account cognitive distraction. Cognitive distraction is the mental workload associated with a task that involves thinking about something other than driving, like that important meeting after lunch or the report that’s due today.

Preoccupation with productivity and connectedness keeps a smartphone in the hands of many Americans. A split second of distraction can be deadly, and we should not accept fatalities as the price of productivity.

Let’s remind each other to drive safely and end using cell phones or mobile devices while driving. Your life is more valuable than any call, email, or text.

Download the National Safety Council’s white paper “Understanding driver distraction”.

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