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Know Where to Go

Do you know the quickest and safest way out of your area in case of emergency?

Having a solid plan can help easy panic if an emergency occurs. Make sure to schedule regular training time so that all employees know where to go. Don’t forget this is important onboarding information as well.

  • Never enter a smoke-filled room
  • Stay low in case of smoke and fumes
  • Always check a door before opening, even if cool
  • Never use the elevator
  • Close doors as you leave to contain the fire
  • Sound an alarm if it has not yet been activated, if no alarm, make sure to yell “Fire!”
  • If you are trapped in a room, seal any cracks you can to keep smoke and fumes out
  • Call 911 as soon as possible and be prepared to signal from a window. DO NOT BREAK GLASS if at all possible, this lets in outside smoke
  • If you must break a window, use a chair or a drawer
  • Beware of window glass and if available, cover the broken glass with a blanket before going through
  • Hold your breath as much as possible and breathe shallowly through your nose using your clothing as a filter
  • If forced to go through any fire hold your breath. Move quickly, covering head and hair. Keep head down and eyes closed as often as possible.
  • If clothing catches fire, stop where you are. Drop to the ground, and cover your mouth and face with your hands to protect them from the flames. Then roll over and over to smother the fire.
  • Once you have exited go directly to your predetermined meeting area as quickly as possible

When is the last time you reviewed the fire safety instructions for your office?

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