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Have You Done A Mental Check-in?

In 2019 according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention more than 2 times as many suicides as there were homicides in the U.S. No matter how you look at it the statistics are not good. This month we have been talking about when you need help and where to find help.

It’s easier to look around and say, “yeah that person should probably get help” but have you checked in with yourself lately? How are you doing really? Below are a few articles about the rise of suicide that I think shed some light on why our numbers continue to rise.

Please remember that mental health is health, period. When we are out of shape we aren’t afraid to go to the gym but there is still stigma if you need to see a therapist to get our mental health in shape.

Suicide is a Leading Cause of Death in the United States – National Institute of Mental Health

Stigma, Prejudice and Discrimination Against People with Mental Illness – American Psychiatric Association

‘Mental health is health. Period.’ Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin decries stigma in message to troops – USA Today

50% Higher risk, 1.5x the national average, it’s all right there.

  • More than 40% of veterans say they experience high levels of difficulty when transitioning. Studies show that those individuals are 5x more likely to experience suicidal ideation. created a resource, What to Expect When Calling a Helpline, that covers:

  • Helpline options and how to choose
  • What to expect when you reach out to a helpline
  • Common concerns that keep people from calling
  • When to seek other mental health resources


Please refer to the below links if you or someone you know needs help