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Parking Lot Safety Matters

Slippery conditions, uneven surfaces, and poor lighting can make parking lots hazardous. A well-maintained and properly lit parking area can help keep everyone safe from potential injuries. Make sure employees have a way to report conditions in the parking lot that feel unsafe or dangerous. A quick response will make the parking lot safer for employees and visitors and can mitigate claims all year around.

  1. Regular maintenance program. This can help quickly identify potentially dangerous conditions, such as potholes, cracks, and depressions before they become a safety issue. A preventive schedule for light bulb replacement can help keep areas consistently well-lit. Immediately replace bulbs that burn out before their scheduled replacement time. Budget for periodic repaving and other necessary repairs to keep the parking area in a safe condition.
  2. Walking surfaces without tripping hazards. Trips due to parking curbs are a frequent cause of injury.
    Make sure walkways, paths and other walking surfaces are clear of holes, cracks, rocks, or debris. Curbs and level changes should be highly visible.
  3. Proper drainage.  Make sure that water drains away from all pedestrian areas, storms drains should be properly cleaned out, and there should be no standing water in parking lots and walkways.
  4. Security. Make sure parking areas and entrances are well-lit. Security controls may include patrols by law enforcement or a paid service, access control technology, and escorts.
  5. Handrails. Handrails or guardrails should be present at level changes and for stairs and ramps. Make sure they are stable, securely fastened, and at the appropriate height to be useful for pedestrians.


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